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Legal conflicts can quickly escalate out of control without an experienced attorney at your side. At Debon Law Group, PC in Alpharetta, we understand the effect legal disputes can have on your or your business and help clients throughout Northeast and East Atlanta seek favorable outcomes in civil litigation matters. Our team has decades of experience fighting for clients in the courtroom and in negotiations, and can quickly identify the best strategy to produce positive results. Whether you are being sued for breach of contract, were injured in an auto accident or want to pursue a negligent construction claim, we will assess the merits of your case and explain how the law applies to your situation.

What types of legal remedies are typically available in business disputes?

Companies can face legal issues on many fronts, from disagreements with business partners to customers defaulting on their obligations or unfair practices by competitors. Consequently, it is important to understand the remedies that may be available if litigation ensues. These remedies include:

  • Compensatory damages — Money damages for actual costs incurred due to the other party’s actions
  • Liquidated damages — Payment mandated by contractual language in the event of a breach
  • Specific performance — An order that forces the other party to perform their contractual obligations
  • Reformation — Revising a contract’s terms in light of the circumstances to make the agreement clearer or more reasonable

Protecting your business is our top priority, and we will customize our representation to meet your specific needs.

What are the most common claims made in construction litigation cases?

Construction projects frequently involve multiple parties, and despite best efforts, it is not always possible to anticipate every problem or avoid litigation. The most common types of legal claims asserted in these cases include:

  • Breach of contract — The failure of a contracting party, including owners, general contractors and subcontractors, to fulfill their obligations given in a signed agreement
  • Construction fraud — Purposely misrepresenting if or how a project will be done, such as falsely describing the construction materials to be used
  • Negligent construction — The improper or careless performance of contractual duties, such as inadequate electrical wiring or failing to pore the foundation correctly.

Construction disputes are often complex and contentious, and we will develop a thorough strategy to protect your rights so that the project can get back on track.

How does the law define personal injuries?

Accident victims can find their lives devastated by their injuries and in need of fair compensation to rebuild and start over. Anyone injured by the reckless, intentional or negligent act of another person or business may be able to collect payment in a personal injury claim. These injuries can be physical or mental, and compensation could be available if you can show that the other party was responsible for your injury. Our attorneys know how to accurately calculate damages in these cases and will work to hold the responsible party accountable so that you can move forward with your life.

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