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Georgia law firm The Debon Law Group offers bankruptcy relief for individuals experiencing financial hardship. If you are considering filing for bankruptcy, get help from a lawyer who can counsel you on the options and help you resolve your financial troubles so you can move forward with your life. Learn more about how The Debon Law Group can help you through a free new client consultation.

Practice Area

The Debon Law Group maintains a legal office in Alpharetta, Georgia and welcomes clients from throughout the greater Atlanta area. With over 16 years of experience in bankruptcy law, Attorney Miguel Debon has helped more than 800 clients resolve their financial debts using bankruptcy. The attorney is skilled at counseling clients who are filing for Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy, helping parties understand the bankruptcy process, and guiding clients through all stages of the bankruptcy process with reduced stress.

How a Georgia Bankruptcy Lawyer Can Help

When you owe more money than you have, outstanding bills can quickly pile up. You may face high interest rates, late fees, loss of utilities, or inability to seek needed medical treatment from financial woes. The bankruptcy process was designed to help individuals move forward after financial hardship.

The Debon Law Group can help you determine whether bankruptcy is the right move for you by talking through the process, pros, and cons. If you decide to file for bankruptcy, Attorney Miguel Debon can represent you. If you file for Chapter 13 bankruptcy, the attorney can help you draw up a plan to discharge your debt through a series of monthly payments.

When faced with filing for bankruptcy, you may be tempted to represent yourself to save on attorney’s fees. However, if you hire an experienced bankruptcy attorney, you may be able to secure a better outcome. The Debon Law Group can help you develop a bankruptcy plan that allows you to keep more assets and discharge more of your overall debt. The money spent on an attorney is well worth the more favorable settlement.

The Debon Law Group welcomes anyone in the greater Alpharetta area who needs legal services regarding bankruptcy. Attorney Miguel Debon gives new clients a free consultation to discuss their financial circumstances and learn how the Debon Law Group can assist with bankruptcy filing. To schedule your free consultation, contact the firm at 470-375-9441.